Congratulations America

On Tuesday, November 8th 2016
you succeeded in electing our 45th US President

There can be little doubt to Trump's qualifications for Presidency.

  • He is definitely a racist.
  • Skilled at mocking folks afflicated with disabilities.
  • No quams in minimizing the scarifice of a Gold Star Mother.
  • Sees nothing wrong with referring to women as sluts and pigs.
  • Lashes out at television and print media who, with good cause, question his behavior and qualifications (so much for the First Amendment).
  • Avails himself of Federal Tax loopholes to avoid paying his fair shared of taxes.
  • Uses the bankruptcy laws to cheat his employees and contractors out of their compensation (while he increases his wealth).
  • Mistakingly believes he knows more about war then our Generals.
    This speak before he thinks fool may well take us into a 3rd World War!!!
  • Has little or no respect by many of our allies (including the European Union).

You know of whom I speak and shame on those of you who voted for him.

No longer proud to be a American